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Exercise Requirements for the Dukan Diet Phase Four

There are many types of exercise that may be utilized during the Dukan Diet. It is vital to the success of this diet. Exercise must be undertaken each day and to the extent that it can properly aid you in developing a heightened sense of self-motivation. The primary motivating factors behind this decision is the belief that burning calories actually helps you to lose weight.

At minimum you will be required to take a brisk daily walk. In the beginning this walking period will be for 20 minutes. As the phases of the diet progress that period of time will increase to 30 minutes. The purposeful act of exercising will cause the weight to drop more quickly. In phase four, daily exercises will help to keep that weight off. Dieting combined with exercise is considered to be the most valuable tool for weight loss. In many instances this is the only set of tools needed.

Final Considerations

Before you begin this diet please consult a doctor. This diet will restrict many food groups that you may be used to eating. In the beginning this can lead to nutritional deficiencies as you adapt to the change in eating habits and find alternatives to your original food sources.

Even after reaching phase for a diet that is low in fat and carbohydrates may lead to general fatigue. Further issues to consider are the possibilities of constipation, mood swings, and odd sensations in the body. Most of these issues will be worked out after a period of adjustment.

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last word

Costas has always enjoyed healthy eating. When it comes to diets, it is very important to her to know exactly what the diet claims to do and its possible side effects, if any at all. She knows that popular diets come and go; and can be quite faddish. But her concern when looking into various diets is to find out if it’s something that will be easy enough to follow or if she will have to go out of her way too much in order to pursue it.

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