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Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase Three Explained


Dieting is an exceptionally disciplined act but once you have lost the weight; it can be difficult to keep it off. Dukan Diet Consolidation- Phase Three Explained is a controlled way to reintroduce your body to food. Many people find after a diet they overeat or forget about their diet altogether. Dukan Diet Consolidation- Phase Three Explained aids the dieter in a gradual process of eating.

Eliminating binge eating, this diet gradually settles your body into a natural way of eating food, avoiding crazy weight return. Treating food as a manageable item is critical. Thousands of people diet and eat their way right back into the problem, never able to keep the weight off but the Dukan Diet is changing the odds and dieters are winning the weight loss fight.

Some foods are a no, no on this diet. Your body is slender and your weight is moving in the direction you want. Eating out with friends is difficult but the diet has a special way you eat. You know the things to avoid, lamb, duck, lentils and dairy products. Basically, avoid the fat stuff. These are foods many people normally stay clear of, so this makes your food adjustment stage easier. The consolidation stage slowly brings your body out of hibernation mode. You have avoided fatty unhealthy food and now your body gets to go back into the eating world with healthier skills and smarter food choices.

Some users have tried dozens of ways to lose weight and now have finally found this great method of losing weight and controlling the urge to eat. Between exercising, water drinking and calorie counting a Dukan Diet participant can only look great. Others cannot help but give compliments and wonder how you became so disciplined with your eating habits.

It is recommended users stay in the consolidation stage for a possible period of 50 days depending upon the amount of weight loss. When you are on a diet or getting off one it is hard not to overdo the food. Eating too quickly is not good for digestion. Gradual is good and in a controlled way.

During the Consolidation or Phase 3 Stage, it is fine to introduce a few carbohydrates into your eating habits. During this stage take time to look in the mirror and admire the progress, your body has made. Notice the healthy way you feel. Exercise is not a part of the plan but once you realize you can fit into outfits you once could not. Sticking to this gradual introduction into food will be much easier.

Last word

This sector requires eating protein and a bit of fruit, however, cherries and bananas are forbidden. Eating a couple of slices of wholemeal bread is placed on the list and a serving of cheese. If you are fond of cheese, this can act as a kind of special treat. In the first part of this dieting adventure, you get to eat a little starch food, one serving to be exact but in the second lap, you get to add a second helping of starchy food. Remember this is a gradual introduction into eating regular food.



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