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What Type Of Blinds Is Going To Be In Style In 2023?

Window dressing is not just a decorative aspect that beautifies the windows and adds to the interior décor; it is also required for practical and security reasons. The market is replete with varied options for covering the windows in different materials, colours, designs, and styles in window coverings like blinds, shutters, curtains, and shades.

Each year brings new and different design and style options for windows and doors. The seasoned professionals in the field predict the following styles of blinds for the year 2023 for you to consider and choose from to decorate your windows and doors.

Best Blinds For The Year – 2023

  1. Zebra blinds render an innovative design to add dramatic romance to the room. These blinds are an amalgamation of solid and sheer fabric styled on the lines of the zebra stripes. The dramatic effect of the vertical and solid horizontal stripes creates a peek-a-boo ambience by blocking the light with the solid bars and letting it filter through the sheer ones. The Roman blinds-style, with its neat well-crafted folds, add nuance to the innovatively conceptualised Zebra blinds.
  2. Double roller blinds offer a creative touch to the original roller blinds that allow you to control the amount of sunlight entering the room. These blinds give you privacy while enjoying the outside view and blocking out the sunlight with the block-out blinds or switching over to sheer blinds, allowing the sunlight to filter through, creating a lovely ambience.
  3. Roller blinds are popular in Australia due to their ease of use, low maintenance, and low cost without sacrificing their classic, simple, and sleek design. The most recent “one-touch” operation is available, as are chain control and motorised control, with the option of wireless remote control or home automation control. You can also install a mesh security window screen to enjoy the cool summer breeze without being pestered and bitten by insects and mosquitoes.
  4. Venetian blinds are referred to similarly worldwide. The new-age Venetian blinds are ideal for en suites, kitchens, and other areas of the home known as “wet areas.” The original timber Venetian blinds, made from natural wood, now also come in a machine-made material that replicates the look of natural wood. The timber-style blinds are made of advanced polystyrene polymers, making them resistant to weathering, cracking, peeling, warping, and fading of colour. Easy to maintain, these blinds need to be washed to retain their original shine and look. Aluminium Venetian blinds are a trend for 2023 because of their optimal functionality and durability, which withstand the test of time and climatic effects. Styled on the lines of wooden blinds, these blinds are crafted from aluminium, which encompasses both the classic look of wooden blinds and the durable functionality of metal aluminium. Adding to the range of styles in Venetian blinds are the following: 
    1. Basswood Venetian blinds are Venetian timber blinds with a difference! The basswood Venetian blinds are made from timber grown explicitly in plantations. They can be customised to fit the colour scheme of the interiors—an excellent choice for nature-loving people who are conscientious of the planet’s health. You can also add a custom-built pelmet fascia to complete the formal look.
    2. PVC Venetian blinds are long-lasting options that provide adequate insulation with the unique design of overlapping panels to keep the temperature inside while blocking outside heat or cold.
  5. Multi-coloured blinds: If you enjoy colours while keeping up with the latest trends, then multi-coloured blinds are the look for your home. Fill your room with colour by choosing the harmoniously styled blinds in multiple shades following the room’s décor. These blinds are also available in different designs, including floral, geometrical, and striped patterns. Be the trendsetter in your social circle with these fantastic blinds.
  6. Environment-friendly blinds: As conscientious citizens of the world, transitioning to options that are not just sustainable and beautifully styled but are also eco-friendly is the need of the times. Roman blinds are made from natural fabric that is non-toxic to the environment. They are also energy-efficient with their inherent quality to insulate your home.

The blind styles for 2023 are a collection that reflects vision and conscientiousness as a house-proud owner and a steward of our planet.

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