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Cheap Housing in Jakarta Prices Below 1 Billion

Cheap housing in Jakarta is one of the things that people are looking for. The reason is that people are now aware that a healthy home is a primary need that must be met. Especially for those of you who just live in Jakarta who are certainly still confused about finding a place to live, having cheap housing is certainly a hope.
To realize your hopes, then you should read some articles that might be suitable to be the answer to your search for cheap houses in Jakarta. Maybe for those of you who are looking for housing with prices below 1 billion, you can choose this Cheap and Luxury Housing in Kalisari, East Jakarta.
This cheap and luxurious housing estate is located on Jalan Beret Biru, Kalisari, East Jakarta. This house is quite luxurious and is classified as a house that is not so expensive considering the housing market in this area. The specifications are, this house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Which of course is enough for you to live with your little family. In addition, this house also provides facilities for 1 garage which is certainly enough to store your car.
This house is priced at Rp. 800 million with a land area of ​​63 square meters and a building area of ​​85 square meters. This house consists of 2 floors which looks quite luxurious. This luxury and cheap housing position faces east and is guaranteed to be free from the threat of flooding.
So you don’t have to worry anymore if it’s the rainy season. With this flood-free house, it will certainly be a healthy residence for you and your family. With its strategic location, of course, it also makes it easier for you to reach various public facilities such as educational facilities, hospitals, gas stations, Cijantung Mall, Cijantung traditional markets, modern markets, TMII, and others which will certainly facilitate all your activities. With a price that is not too expensive and some of the facilities provided, of course this one housing can be used as a reference for having cheap housing in Jakarta.

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