What is Lottery prediction and its advantages and disadvantages?

In the following article, New88today will share the conceptPredict the white players What is lotteries, advantages and disadvantages of this way of playing lotteries for players to refer to. From there, you can choose an effective way to play and increase your odds of winning the lottery.

Find out what is lottery prediction?

The word Bach thu lot is used according to Nom script, appearing in 1962, whenLottery Northern construction was born. Accordingly, lottery is one of the variations of lottery, the word “lotto” is widely used among longtime lottery players.

The white player in the lottery is a player who needs to have good judgment and judgment skills, and only needs one time to end the game. Accordingly, the lottery means that the player only chooses 1 single number (a 2-digit number from 00 – 99) and focuses his money on this number. If you win, you will win big. However, those who persevere in playing the lottery need to have a strong mentality.

The advantages and disadvantages of reading the lottery

The method of playing lottery today is applied by many players. In fact, this method also has certain advantages and disadvantages, you should learn:

  • About advantages: When predicting white lottery numbers, the amount of capital you need to spend is small, focus on one number instead of playing widely and focusing on many numbers. Next, the winning rate when playing lottery is quite high when there are a total of 27 prizes (much higher than playing lottery when there is only one special prize).
  • Regarding disadvantages: For those who like safety and do not like risks, playing the lottery will not be suitable. Because if you win, you will win very high, but if you lose, you will also lose heavily. Compared to playing lottery numbers (choosing many numbers to play at the same time), playing lottery with only 1 single number is unlikely to have as high a winning rate.

What are the odds of winning the lottery?

Depending on each bookmaker in different regions and localities, the odds when playing Bach Thu lottery will be different. Knowing the betting odds and how to play lottery in each region will help you predict the lottery effectively and know the amount of money you spend and receive if you win.

  • In the North: The payout ratio is 23: 80. On average, 1 lottery point will be 23 thousand VND, if you win you will receive 80 thousand VND.
  • In the South: The payout ratio is 16:80. That means 1 lottery point will be about 16,000 VND, and when you win, you will win 80,000 VND.
  • In the Central region: The payout ratio is 13.5 – 15: 80. That means 1 lot point will cost about 13.5 thousand to 15 thousand, when you win you will receive 80 thousand VND.

The most accurate and detailed method of checking the lottery numbers

There are 4 main ways to predict the white lottery: to predict the white lottery with a diamond-shaped lottery, to predict the double lottery, to predict the lottery from the lottery, to predict the lottery through prizes… For each method, there will be the following rules:
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Check out the diamond-shaped lotus

You will take the results of prizes 3, 4, and 5 and then arrange them in vertical rows to form a diamond-shaped position. Lottery-shaped lottery betting is quite rare but the winning rate is high up to 90%.

Looking at the double lotteries

With the double lottery prediction method, you can rely on the beginning of the dumb lottery or the tail of the dumb lottery.

  • Based on silent numbers: You will need to find the lottery results table and find out the silent numbers of the day. Then you have to monitor whether the double numbers of that silent lottery continue to come out in the next 2 days or not. In case this head does not come out, you should keep it for 4 days straight, the chance of coming out will be very high.
  • Based on the silent lottery ending: Similar to above, you can also look at the lottery results table to see if there are any silent lottery endings. Wait a few days to see if there are any double numbers with silent endings. In case if it doesn’t come out but the first day the double is dumb, you raise the dumb number for 4 days.

Check the lottery numbers through prizes

One of the methods of predicting lottery results that you should not ignore is to predict lottery numbers through prizes, specifically the seventh prize and special prize. The numbers in these prizes will be important data.

For example, if the previous day’s presentation is 45,784, then the next day’s winning numbers are likely to be 48. This is the experience that many lottery players have shared and many people have applied it successfully.

Lottery prediction from the lottery

To predict this lottery number, you need to choose numbers that have regular and continuous patterns to catch. For example, the frequency of questions about 78 – 87 is very high, so when the question is about 78 the previous day, the next day we will start the question about 78 or 87.

Above, New88 has helped you predict the most detailed and specific numbers. Hopefully with the information provided in this article, you now know how to play the lottery, helping to increase your chances of winning the lottery. If you have any other experience playing lottery, don’t forget to share with us!

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