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Sport New88today.com is considered the most focused bookmaker betting hall in recent times. With many attractive games, sports and competitive betting percentages on the market, the number of visitors is increasing. This also shows the system’s position during the construction and development process.

Brief overview of  New88 sports

Sport is one of the key products of bookmaker  New88, bringing players the leading diverse betting world. There are up to 30 different sports from traditional to modern, each subject updates countless large and small tournaments, meeting the diverse needs of players.

Even new players can approach it without worrying about being confused the first time. When betting, you are both being watched and living in a vibrant, dramatic and uplifting atmosphere. With the goal of always bringing attractive matches and high chances of winning,  New88 offers domestic, regional and international tournaments.

Why should you bet on sports at  New88?

Bookmaker  New88 is the best address for bettors who want to participate, always attracting customers for the following reasons:

High payout rate

 New88 is committed to providing the most competitive betting odds to bring members satisfaction, fairness and civility. The odds are always updated before the match to accurately reflect the actual situation for players to predict and make the right decisions. With diverse opportunities,  New88 is the ideal destination for those who are passionate about sports and want to experience online.

Friendly and scientific interface design

The  New88 design interface was researched, explored and created by the staff to suit the majority. Items such as match information, news, accounts, and games are displayed very methodically and scientifically, creating convenience for members.

Just find the dealer’s link and you can use it and choose what you want without wasting much time. The homepage has integrated multimedia on operating systems, so whether you use a phone or computer, you can experience it.

Vietnamese language support

If you play sports betting without understanding the house language, the participation process will be very difficult. Because there are some world-class, extremely famous systems but only have English versions, making many people unable to grasp all important information.

Don’t worry,  New88 understands this mentality so it has designed and installed, supporting many different languages, including Vietnamese. Everyone just needs to choose the Vietnamese version to easily participate in sports betting.

Great promotional event

In order to give customers the opportunity to experience interesting and exciting sports,  New88 has launched a series of unique promotions for members to register to participate, including new players and long-time players. Tet holiday events,… All information is updated right on the system so it is very convenient to follow.

Furthermore, deposit and withdrawal transactions and payment methods through many different channels with famous banking links and e-wallets, QuickPay, scratch cards, etc. Any method only takes about 3-4 minutes. , don’t have to wait too long.
See : https://new88today.com/

Enthusiastic care center

If you want to know whether a bookmaker is reputable and responsible, look at the staff that has developed and supported customers.  New88 owns and trains a professional, dedicated and proactive member care call center. Especially the enthusiastic attitude and efforts to solve unexpected situations that occur when members experience.

The house offers many different forms of contact such as: live chat, hotline, email, social networks, etc. You can choose to answer questions and handle arising situations depending on your conditions.

Summary of online sports

If you are a sports enthusiast and want to experience betting, come here and click on some of the following attractive subjects:

  • E-sports: Members can bet on e-sports tournaments such as: League of Legends, PUBG, Dota2, CS 2… and many other products.
  • Soccer betting:  New88 is one of the most attractive betting halls for bettors to enjoy exciting matches with competitive rates on the market. Always fully update information about live soccer bets such as: Corner kick bets, handicap bets, over/under bets, 3/4 handicaps, 1-ball handicaps, red card bets, yellow card bets…
  • Volleyball: The bookmaker offers bets on top tournaments such as: Super league, fivb, poland volleyball tournament
  • Tennis: Historical and popular sport with tournaments: French Open, Australian, US Open,…
  • Horse racing: Updates on prominent tournaments in the world: Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot,… will bring thrilling and thrilling experiences.


Above is detailed introduction information about  New88 sports. With a variety of products and attractive bets, the address has become the top choice of bettors.

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