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Unlocking Superior Anti-Dripping Properties: ShinePoly SN3300 PTFE Granulars Revolutionize Thermoplastics

PTFE granulars have become indispensable additives in various industries due to their exceptional properties. Shine Polymer, a leading manufacturer in the polymer industry, offers the innovative ShinePoly SN3310 series of chemically modified PTFE granulars. These high-value polymer products provide numerous benefits for thermoplastics, particularly when anti-dripping properties are required.

ShinePoly SN3300 PTFE Granulars: A Superior Additive Solution
The ShinePoly SN3310 series of PTFE granulars offered by Shine Polymer presents a breakthrough in enhancing the performance of thermoplastic compounds. These granulars are designed to be easily incorporated into plastic formulations during the extrusion process, making them highly convenient and efficient for manufacturers.

By directly adding ShinePoly SN3310 PTFE granulars into the plastic compound, manufacturers can achieve superior anti-dripping properties. The optimal concentration of ShinePoly SN3310 typically ranges from 1000ppm to 5000ppm, ensuring effective performance without compromising the overall physical and mechanical characteristics of the thermoplastic.

Versatile Applications in Various Thermoplastics
ShinePoly SN3310 PTFE granulars offer remarkable compatibility with a wide range of thermoplastics, making them suitable for diverse applications. Particularly, thermoplastics such as PC, PS, ABS, PBT, PPO, and their alloys can benefit significantly from the addition of ShinePoly SN3310.

One of the key advantages of using ShinePoly SN3310 PTFE granulars is their ability to enhance the anti-dripping properties of these thermoplastics. When used in these materials, the PTFE granulars act as effective flame retardants, significantly reducing the risk of fire and making them ideal for applications where safety is a primary concern.

In conclusion, Shine Polymer’s ShinePoly SN3310 series of chemically modified PTFE granulars offer exceptional value to manufacturers seeking to enhance the anti-dripping properties of thermoplastics. By incorporating these innovative granulars into plastic compounds at the recommended concentration, manufacturers can achieve superior flame retardancy without compromising the overall performance of the thermoplastic material. With ShinePoly SN3310 PTFE granulars, Shine Polymer continues to provide cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving demands of the polymer industry.

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