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Unlocking Possibilities with Tsingke’s Custom DNA Oligo Synthesis

Custom DNA oligo synthesis is a crucial aspect of molecular biology research, enabling scientists to tailor DNA molecules for various applications. Tsingke, a trusted brand in genetic synthesis, offers high-quality custom DNA oligos synthesized using cutting-edge technology. With a commitment to stringent quality control and assurance, Tsingke delivers safe, reliable, and cost-effective customized DNA oligos that cater to the diverse needs of scientific research and R&D production.

Unparalleled Quality Assurance with Various QC Methods

Tsingke prioritizes quality in DNA oligo synthesis. Each custom DNA oligo undergoes meticulous monitoring during synthesis, ensuring 100% sequence accuracy and high purity levels. Tsingke employs various quality control methods, including mass spectrometry with a range of additional detection options. This comprehensive approach guarantees the integrity and reliability of the synthesized DNA oligos, providing researchers with confidence in their experiments and results.

Versatile Modification Options for Tailored Research

Tsingke understands the importance of customization in DNA research. Their custom DNA oligo synthesis service offers over 200 chemical modifications, allowing researchers to tailor the DNA oligos to their specific research needs. These modifications enable versatility in applications such as PCR amplification, gene cloning, sequencing, and gene expression analysis. Tsingke’s extensive modification options empower researchers to explore new avenues in molecular biology and unlock the full potential of their experiments.


Tsingke’s custom DNA oligo synthesis service provides researchers with the tools they need to unlock new possibilities in molecular biology research. With a commitment to unparalleled quality assurance, Tsingke ensures 100% sequence accuracy and high purity levels in their synthesized DNA oligos. The versatile modification options offered by Tsingke allow researchers to tailor the DNA oligos to their specific research needs, enabling them to explore various applications.

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