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Lottery is one of the forms of lottery betting that you have probably heard of at least once. However, not everyone fully understands the concepts or how to play this method. So what is double lotteries and how to play? Please follow the article below New88sg.

Concept of clamping lot 

The concept of clamping lots means that the middle lot does not appear, while two adjacent lots appear on the same day to receive the prize. 

For example: In the lottery results table announced by the bookmaker today, the numbers 02 and 04 appear. The numbers 03 do not appear on the house board, so it is understood correctly. is a clamp lottery. Likewise, if the number 12 – 13 – 15 – 16 has something about the number 14 but does not exist, then the number 14 is called a negative number. 

In addition, there is another type of double lot which is a lot that is sandwiched in the middle of two identical numbers 

For example: 1xx1, 0xx0, 5xx5, the number xx is considered a clamp number. 

In the bookmaker’s results table, there appears a number like 54580, we see the number 64 is sandwiched between two numbers 8, so 64 is known as a sandwich number. 

Experience in playing lottery 

The clamp lottery is known to not be a rare lottery, but not everyone knows how to predict this lottery. Therefore, most players choose to play based on their own experience. Understanding this, we bring you a few useful prediction tips about this method, which you can completely apply and refer to below with us. Some 3-day prediction methods are as follows: 

  • Normally, in the lottery results tables that bookmakers offer, there will be a variety of lottery numbers. Bettors must observe carefully and have the ability to recognize beautiful numbers between two numbers 1, two numbers 2 or sandwiched between two numbers 8, then the player will do so according to the maximum frame of 3 days that will appear. Normally, you will play until the 2nd day and this number will appear on the house’s board. 

For example: On January 15, the bookmaker’s prize shows the number sequence 87980, the number 79 is in the middle, we bet on the number 79 within 3 days. As a result, on January 16, the number 79 will return and return 2 times

  • According to the playing experience of experts, lotteries that are often sandwiched between numbers 1 and 8 will often have the ability to go straight, so when making bets, pay attention to the majority of lottery numbers sandwiched in the middle. than a mule. There are tips for playing this lottery that can also be applied to raising weekly lottery numbers. 
  • Once you have chosen the number you like, combine a number of other criteria to effectively perform prediction to increase the likelihood of the number appearing. For example: does the lottery number for that day often come back within a period of about 2 weeks, 1 to 2 days before it appears in the special prize or is it a lottery like: 020, 030, 060, …

Some of the most optimal methods of playing lotteries

In addition to the above methods, we also want to bring you other effective and extremely accurate situations that experts often apply. Specifically, some methods are as follows:
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Play lottery according to special prizes

The essence of this method is to predict 2 numbers sandwiched between 2 identical numbers. But for special prizes, playing this lottery will have a certain difference for bettors. 

When playing this Northern lottery method, the betting participant only needs to determine what the special prize numbers will be the previous day. After that, if you see two numbers appear in the middle of two identical numbers that are each other’s numbers, then we will immediately take the sandwiched number and combine them together to form a bridge. 

Catch double lots according to the number clamp 

If you automatically perform prediction using this method, the player will see the appearance of two identical numbers sandwiched between two numbers that are shadows of each other. Then the player only needs to take that double to make a frame bet for the next 3 days. 

Besides, if there is a case where two numbers have the same number sandwiched in the middle of a mismatched number, then taking this sandwiched lottery number to frame it within the next 3 days is also extremely effective. 

Tactics for raising pinnipeds 

Bettors should note that, if they want to predict the lottery number in the most optimal way and win big prizes, they should only play this lottery number within the day time frame. Because the odds that this lottery number will return within 2 to 3 days will be higher than if it returns in the following days. 

The optimal and most effective winning rate when you play this lottery is the 1:2 ratio. By raising this lotus for a period of 2 to 3 days, investing money at a ratio of 1: 2: 8 will be very effective.

Experience in catching optimal lottery numbers 

In order to increase your odds of receiving prizes when fighting with this method, you need to combine your psychological experiences to be as stable as possible, as follows: 

  • Prepare yourself mentally before participating in betting
  •  If you win big the first day, you should bet smaller the next day
  • If you lose in this bet, you should rest for a few days to cut off bad luck 
  • Be careful not to go all-in or go all-in on your capital because this will give the player a win-lose mentality. Besides, it also makes players no longer feel the right number, easily confused, and their ability to predict also decreases. 


The above article is all the information about clamps that we have collected from experts. Hope this information helps you gain more lottery betting experience. Don’t forget to register an account at New88 to receive great deals on spring day. 

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