Extremely good tips for playing cards in the South from experts

To own these for yourselfHow to play cards in the South precise and effective. Certain gamers have spent a lot of their time researching and searching. To assist bettors in finding information and this article New88 have summarized the detailsThe secret to playing cards in the South Very good from a master. Let’s follow along!
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Tips for playing Tien Len in the South – Understand the rules of the game, observe your opponent’s playing style

Not only the southern card game Tien Len, but also all other betting games. If you want to participate in the game, the first thing that is required is that you clearly understand the rules of the game. In fact, card games also have many different rules and will be able to self-regulate depending on the region or player. Therefore, to avoid breaking the rules and being fined when participating in the game, you need to take the time to learn about how to play and the rules of this card game!

The fact that players encounter experts when playing Tien Len Mien Nam is not too surprising and still happens often. During this time, you should not feel discouraged but accept your failure. What you need to do is really focus and observe carefully how they play. Because if you clearly understand your opponent’s playing style, it can help you come up with reasonable strategies and moves.

Besides, players should not be so engrossed in observing their opponents that they forget their own turn. Sometimes just making one wrong move will cause you to miss the opportunity to end the game. In the worst case scenario, your cards may lose 2 or special hands.

Remember Tien Len cards – The secret to playing Tien Len cards in the South effectively

The secret to playing Tien Len card game in the South effectively that we want to introduce to you is how to remember cards. This is one of the extremely important playing secrets. What you need is to remember all the cards that have been played and use that as a basis to guess the moves and cards that the opponent on the table is holding in their hand. Therefore, you can easily choose a strategy for playing the cards that bring you the most benefits.

This secret to playing Tien Len in the South requires players to have good memory. You can immediately refer to the following two ways to memorize cards that are often applied by professional card players:
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  • Learn how to remember the cards you played: Players remember all the cards played by both themselves and their opponents at the table to determine the most suitable direction for themselves. One tip is that you need to memorize A to K.
  • Memorize your opponent’s cards: Players will need to concentrate very hard because it can easily make you confused. Try to carefully observe your opponent’s cards when they show them and especially when the game is about to end.

The secret to playing Tien Len in the South is for players to remember exactly all the cards that have been played, which is extremely important because it will help you minimize being caught or cut. 2. Besides That will also help you calculate the best result when your opponent has played all the high-scoring cards. Therefore, it will help your probability of winning to be higher.

The secret to playing cards in the South – Keep your cards high

In addition to the trick of remembering cards when participating in Southern card games, you can also use another strategy, which is to keep the high cards until the end. You should keep a card, a set of strings or a high pair in your hand when the game is about to end. At this time, the player’s ability to win will be very high.

If you are the first player, choose odd cards to play first to make your opponent break their set. From there, your odd and bad deck will still have a chance to win. Therefore, players should leave the high-value cards until last to be able to block their opponents and win!

Tips for playing cards in the South – Apply safe playing style

The secret to playing Tien Len Mien Nam well is that you have to practice a lot to have a safe playing style. In the case where your opponent has a lot of cards left while you only have a few cards or less, you should not choose to risk. At this time, you should think and calculate carefully otherwise you will easily lose. Or when you see that your opponent is almost out of cards, take the opportunity to play all your low-quality cards such as 3 of spades, 3 of clubs, 3 of diamonds,…

Note that when you are lucky enough to own foursomes or big pairs or threesomes, you should not express your feelings of being too excited or too pensive. You must learn to calmly wait for the opportunity to come. Because your gestures, actions and emotions can easily make your opponents suspicious. When a “tight” opportunity comes, grab it immediately and don’t think too much.

The secret to playing cards in the South – Always maintain your mentality

The secret to playing Southern cards effectively is to always maintain your mentality. Psychology is the factor that directly affects a player’s gameplay. Therefore, you should never appear too timid in front of all opponents or be too arrogant about the hand you currently have. Especially when you lose, you need to maintain your mentality to be able to come up with new strategies. However, if you have lost too many games in a row, you should decide to stop the game and do not try to regain what you have lost now. Because if you sink deeper into the game now, your chances of losing will only be greater!

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