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Your Resume and Financial Statement

Draft Your Business Accomplishment Resume

Investors and lenders want to be certain that you have the experience, education, and desire to make your business a success. Your resume creator shows backers that you can achieve your objectives. This isn’t a traditional resume that lists past jobs and the years or months you held each. More correctly, you’ll develop a statement of everything you have accomplished that has a direct bearing on your business objectives.

Although you may not have owned or expanded a business before, you have accomplished some demanding tasks that are similar to the tasks you’ll undertake when you begin your business. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that good credentials alone will get a loan from the first person you approach. When it comes right down to it, few people will part with their money unless they also have a positive feeling about you as a person. Your task is to get them to trust and like you as a businessperson

If you’re like most people, your glowing accomplishments are sprinkled with past mistakes and failures. Everybody makes mistakes, including your backers. Be honest in your resume but don’t go overboard. You don’t need to give a litany of every sin you have committed, including the time you skipped algebra class in the seventh grade. Only provide details of your errors when they’re relevant to your business plan. For example, if you ran a business for five years and eventually went bankrupt, you’ll need to mention that.

Be prepared to talk with prospective investors and lenders about everything you present in your resume. The best way to build trust in a financial relationship is to communicate with full disclosure. The worst thing you can do is to lie about or try to cover up a negative. (See Chapter 10 for suggestions about how to discuss your past mistakes.)

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s deal with the important, positive information: How do you demonstrate that you’re qualified to run a business? As with anything else, there are some tricks to writing a resume that will interest a potential investor.

experience in which you produced positive accomplishments for any organization, even if you were a volunteer or working for yourself. Since you’re not writing a standard resume, dates of employment are optional. You may be able to create this list by cutting and pasting old resumes, or you might just start from scratch. Also, it’s okay to include personal information about your hobbies and family status in this resume. Your financial backers want to know you as a person.

last word

Under each organization, list the business areas you worked in for instance, sales, management, delivery, credit, and so on. Now, set out the specific things you accomplished for that organization while carrying out your responsibilities. This information will become the raw material from which you choose the accomplishments most likely to support your proposal.

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