What Is Kucoin Moon Well And How It Works?

KuCoin is the platform that provides all the activities related to the crypto market. There are more than 700 Altcoins present on KuCoin, which declare KuCoin as one of the biggest Altcoin exchanges. With the 1 trillion-dollar revenue, KuCoin is considered a champ in the crypto industry. One of the advanced features of KuCoin is lending money and earning high interest on it. This feature of margin trading attracts more investors to KuCoin. Similarly, another big investor has entered the KuCoin lending pool, and today we will discuss KuCoin Moon Well and how it works. However, first, let us define the lending money on KuCoin.

Lending Cryptocurrency

One of the most popular ways to earn interest is by lending different cryptocurrencies in KuCoin. Here we discuss some information related to lending money on KuCoin.

Good Option For Investors

Lending money is less risky than trading options like Margin and Future trading. You can make good money by holding coins and gaining profit in the long term. If you are new to KuCoin, then you also have an option to lend money.

Presence Of Moon Well On Kucoin

KuCoin launched a new project with the name Moon Well on their platform. It also comes with a supported trading pair of WELL/USDT coins. Moon well Artemis supports lending and borrowing of money on Moonbeam protocol. Moon Well continuously extended its program and recently launched a Moon Well Apollo, one of the biggest Defi protocols. Now you can enjoy a high experience of lending money on KuCoin after the support of Moon Well. Similarly, you can trade the WELL/USDT pair for maximum benefit.

Kucoin Support Auto Lend Option To Make More Money

Suppose you don’t have much time to keep your eye on the market, enable an Auto Lend feature in your KuCoin account. Before enabling the Auto Lend option, you must set the reserve amount and minimal daily rates. Kindly read all the terms before accepting that and look at your inputs.

Choose Traditional Lending To Gain More Profit

Before lending money, you must understand the fund’s utilization and interest rates. In KuCoin, you can select a preferred lending option, which is traditional. You must be careful that your set rate does not exceed the market rate. Otherwise, it is difficult for you to lend your assets. Always select an optimal rate offered by KuCoin in your best interest.


KuCoin always welcomes new projects and trading pairs on their website in favor of their users. KuCoin also successfully raise an investment of 10 billion USD for the growth of its platform. Also, the variety of crypto coin pairs includes BTC/USDT, ADA/USDT, and several others on the KuCoin site. KuCoin also offers a live market detail of each coin on their price, including BTC and XLM prices with other market data. You also find many ways to earn money on the KuCoin site. Just keep yourself updated about the different offers going on KuCoin exchange.

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