What are popular seafood’s?

Are you a seafood lover?  do you want to know what are the famous dishes that most of the people having in sea food? Well every person preferences are different from other so each people consume seafood in their own manner.

You can also choose the way you like to eat sea food. But there are some dishes that our world widely used and considered in the category of sea food. These recipes are healthy for your body and keep the nutritional value same even after cooking.

Each of these are linked with different seafood’s. After reading you can also try them at home if you are a seafood lover and consume seafood on the daily basis. Wouldn’t it is helpful for you after learning some innovative recipes. So, without wasting anytime, let start with different recipes.

  1. Grilled octopus

If you ever have been to Greece then you must know what is their famous dish to eat in seafood. Yes, it is grilled octopus.

You can’t even tell the taste in words what is the taste of its delicate meat the texture given by grilled is just an amazing experience. The seafood dish grilled octopus and sea view restaurant in the night is all one can dream of.

2)fish brotchen Hamburg

Hamburg is already loved by all of us and if these are the fish Hamburg then it has no match with any other dish. These famous Hamburg can only be found in Germany. Only among the people who love fast food, you can rejoice in the taste of such a luscious dish.

3)lobster Puerto

The lobsters of Spain are best known all over the world. They are well cooked and seasoned .people all around the world come to have a taste for such a dish. You know the lobsters can be found in the world but only tastes better in Spain. Next time you visit Spain make sure to have a taste of it.

4)Brazilian shrimp soup

Shrimps are popular for their soups. The Brazilian people take this dish as one of the decent dishes to sere people the dish has so popular for the tourist’s anyone visits the brazil must take a stop to have a taste of the incredible dish. The shrimps are surplus with the soup it is one of my favorite dishes to start a meal.

5) mussels with lemongrass

The mussels are street food with lemon grass they give the yummiest taste ever. If you think you can forget its taste it’s just impossible to do that the taste of them won’t let your hand go off from eating. One after one you will only want more and more and will enjoy it a lot.


I hope that after reading you will able to know how you can make different recipes. These recipes are also healthy plus provide benefits to eat. Cooking them also destroyed the quality of food. You can try them out and have the amazing taste.

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