Possible signs of pest infestation to watch out for during house hunting

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and the first step in prevention is identifying any strange symptoms or possible dangers associated with a pest infestation. But how can the majority of us who lack training go about identifying these pest signs? We outline a few strategies in this post that can help you quickly identify the warning indicators of a pest infestation. Continue reading to find out the potential reasons for a pest problem as well as strategies to remove pests from your house.

Before you rush to the best commercial pest control company for help, check out the potential signs of pest infestation. 

Be watchful of unusual smells and stains

We frequently take our environment for granted and hurry through tasks that allow for carelessness and mistakes. We sometimes tend to overlook flaws, leaks, gaps, and even possible pest infestations. If a pest infestation becomes severe, urine and excrement from the insects will produce an unpleasant or musty odor. Additionally, pests may leave behind urine or bloodstains (in the case of bed bugs). 

Watch out for droppings

Pest excrement is unmistakable evidence that someone else is “squatting” in your home. Mice and rats are the most frequent offenders, leaving behind little rice-shaped droppings. Waste can also be left by insects like termites and cockroaches. Keep an eye out for minute, pepper-like pellets and, if you have mud tubes, termites, which are tiny tunnels formed of wood and soil the size of pencils. Open cabinets and check in corners and under sinks while you’re showing a new home. You’re probably not alone if you notice any form of droppings.

Knock and tap to check wooden structures and walls

In response to danger, termites do make noise. There will be a “clicking” or “rattling” sound coming from behind the walls as they “bang their head” against the wall to alert other termite members to potential danger. To detect a termite infestation, you can also use sound. To achieve this, just tap and knock on the wall or other structure and listen for hollow noises. The regular consumption of wood by termites causes the inner foundation to be eliminated, leaving only the outer structure.

Even while it might not be a deal-breaker when you buy a house, you won’t want to live with a bug infestation. Get rid of all the bugs before you move in. For first-time homebuyers, you can get prompt, efficient pest removal along with optional follow-up safeguards from experts. 

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