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Nuole’s Eco-Friendly and Stylish Electric Shuttle Bus: A Distributor’s and Agent’s Dream

Nuole, a market-leading producer of electric vehicles, provides distributors and agents with an environmentally friendly and stylish electric shuttle bus that is perfectly suitable for sightseeing and transportation requirements. By emphasizing innovation and quality, Nuole has established itself as a respected player in the industry.

Nuole’s NL-WL117D: The Ultimate Sightseeing Shuttle Bus

The NL-WL117D shuttle bus from Nuole offers a cutting-edge electric power system that provides unmatched performance. Powered by a 96V/12KW AC motor, this vehicle offers smooth and reliable acceleration, ensuring a comfortable ride for passengers. The Macpherson Independent Suspension and high-strength carbon steel integral frame provide superior handling and durability, making the NL-WL117D a top choice for sightseeing and transportation applications.

Nuole’s Stylish and Efficient Electric Shuttle Bus: A Winning Combination

Nuole’s electric shuttle bus is not just about performance; it’s also designed with style in mind. The high-strength sheet metal stamping offers a smart and attractive appearance that is both fashionable and novel. The front view is wide, providing a rich sense of layers, and the body color can be customized to meet specific requirements.

NL-WL117D: Comfort Meets Eco-Friendliness in Nuole’s Electric Shuttle Bus

Comfort is key for any shuttle bus, and the NL-WL117D shuttle bus is no exception. It features soft leather fabric high-rebound PU row seats that provide better ride comfort. These seats are ergonomically designed for a comfortable sitting posture, using environmentally friendly and healthy materials. High-end leather options are also available, or distributors and agents can customize the vehicle to their specific needs.


In conclusion, Nuole offers an exceptional opportunity for distributors and agents seeking an eco-friendly and stylish electric shuttle bus. With a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, Nuole has established itself as a respected manufacturer in the electric vehicle industry. The NL-WL117D shuttle bus showcases Nuole’s commitment to performance, comfort, and style, making it the ultimate choice for sightseeing and transportation applications.

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