New88 fish shooting online – King of fishing and treasure under the ocean

Shoot Fish online Fishing King is one of the super hot games Home page new88 meticulous care. Thanks to visual effects and simulated sound, you will feel the ultimate entertainment space under the realistic ocean. Register quickly to be ready to immerse yourself in the vast underwater world, with thousands of creatures. 

Introducing the online fish shooting game Fishing King

The online fish shooting game product “Fishing King” has risen to become a leading destination for the community of players who love this genre. With a sophisticated combination of tradition and advanced technology, games at New88 bring authentic experiences, helping you participate in endless gunfights.

The New88 platform is constantly improving and offering promotions, helping members freely explore mysterious ocean treasures. With a variety of game modes and a rich marine life system, players will experience top moments without being able to take their eyes off.

This is also a place to enjoy a lively world under the ocean, looking for relaxation after tiring working hours. At the same time, the live chat feature and detailed statistics of online fish shooting help you compete with opponents or teammates to try to conquer more. 

The attractions that the fishing king brings

Joining the playground, you will enjoy exciting, hot hit games in the virtual ocean. The system has many particularly attractive advantages such as: 

Using the latest interface technology 2024

Right from the start, the game impressed with its exquisite graphics, excellent resolution and unforgettable realistic 3D effects. Lively sounds are integrated, from the sounds of fish swimming and tails to the sounds of fish guns and bonus coins, this virtual ocean world truly touches all senses. 

The game simulates the undersea world with more than 30 species of creatures. Each species has a variety of sizes and shapes that make everyone fascinated. The hottest virtual technology of 2024 is used, so you can feel New88’s care and investment for your beloved child. 

Extremely powerful arsenal

This online fish shooting game also makes players go from one surprise to another. With a modern arsenal design, it helps quickly increase strength through each game. Typically bombs, multi-barreled guns, shark traps, artillery… With great destructive power, you will have peak moments for each explosive game. 

But you also need to use these useful items. Because the number of weapons is limited, please use it only in situations where it is really necessary. Members can also collect weapons through store purchases, level up or shoot special fish. 

New Boss holds attractive rewards

The boss system of online fish shooting provides you with many top rewards. This is the top goal that many fishermen want to aim for to quickly defeat their target. Bosses like sharks and angelfish often appear at the end of the game screen, the bonus can be x100 – x1000 times. Indeed, this is a number that many brothers aspire to achieve. 

Instructions on how to play fishing king

To conquer this online fish shooting game, you just need to do some of the following simple steps to quickly immerse yourself in the colorful ocean:
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Step 1: Go to New88 and register 

Visit New88 and provide complete personal information, then confirm your age and agree to some terms and conditions. Note that members must choose the correct access link because currently there are many fake website addresses, affecting personal information. 

After successfully logging in, you will be guided to deposit money into your game wallet. Reputable bookmaker New88 is currently sharing many payment support methods. The process is quick and simple, helping you get into the online fish shooting game quickly.

Step 2: Choose an online fish shooting game

After depositing money into your account, you can return to the system’s game list and select the “Fish Shooting” lobby from the Menu bar. Next, search and select the game “King of Fish Shooting” to start the exciting fish hunting journey. There are many game modes from beginners to experts, consider depending on your ability to earn rewards for yourself.

Step 3: Choose the bet level

Choosing the bet level is an important step to help players adjust their participation in the fish shooting game on New88. Please consider carefully and choose a bet level that suits your ability, the house will then provide you with bullets and guns corresponding to the selected level. Note that you can also buy additional items to increase your chances of winning. 

Step 4: Hunt fish and exchange rewards 

You will be taken to the fish hunting screen interface, this is the moment you start participating in the ocean adventure to hunt giant fish. Using your weapons and skills, fight hard to shoot down fish and gain valuable rewards. 

Each fish you shoot down gives you the opportunity to receive attractive rewards, such as gold or items. Get ready to participate in the game and experience the fun of the game. When you win, you can exchange your prize coins for cash. 

Share your experience playing fishing king

Besides understanding the basic rules of the game, don’t forget to learn some good experiences in online fish shooting. Many professional marksmen have revealed good experiences for your entertainment such as: 

Upgrade guns 

Entering the fish hunting journey, you should pay attention to weapons, this is the first important step. With the variety of guns and upgrade features from the Fisher King, you can fine-tune your destructive ability and attack range. Adjust the bet value for each shot to increase the reward value from each shot.

Shoot the fish’s weak point

If you want to quickly receive rewards, don’t forget to target the fish’s weak spots. Choose your target wisely and aim for the fish’s head to “eat” them. In particular, you should wait until the fish gather in groups before attacking to increase performance. Each shot needs to be fired accurately to avoid waste, helping you destroy the target.

Shoot marble fish 

Playing fish shooting online without trying the experience of shooting fish with marbles is truly a mistake. Try shooting in two directions: shoot at the wall so that the bullet’s path is perpendicular and bounces back to the fish. The second direction is to shoot straight at the target, then they will receive bullets from both directions and be quickly destroyed.


The above content has brought you into the super attractive online fish shooting game at New88 – King of Fishing. If you want to truly become king in this game, quickly learn good and attractive strategies to earn big rewards for yourself right away.

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