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Keep Your Pets Cozy with BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet

Ensure your furry companions stay warm and comfortable with the BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet, equipped with a chew-resistant cord for added safety. This pet heating pad features a temperature regulator with six different levels and four auto-shut timer levels, making it suitable for both cats and dogs. Ideal for pets with mobility issues like arthritis, this heating pad provides a cozy spot for your beloved animals indoors.

Customized Comfort for Your Pets

Give your pets the ultimate comfort with the BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet, offering six temperature settings ranging from 86℉ to 131℉ (30-55℃). The pad also includes four timer settings – 4H/8H/12H/24H, along with an always-on function for continuous warmth. The adjustable heating and countdown functions ensure that your pets are kept warm and cozy according to their specific needs, providing personalized comfort throughout the day.

Fast, Efficient, and Safe Heating

The BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet boasts fast heating capabilities, delivering quick warmth for your furry friends. The adjustable settings allow you to create a warm and comfortable environment for your pets, promoting relaxation and well-being. With an indicator light that moves down automatically every 4 hours to indicate remaining time, you can easily monitor the heating duration to ensure your pets are always snug and content.

Safe and Convenient Design Features

This pet heating pad is designed with your pet’s safety and convenience in mind. The chew-resistant cord adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the pad is durable and long-lasting. The indoor use-only feature provides peace of mind while keeping your pets warm and cozy. The BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet is perfect for pets in need of extra warmth and comfort, especially those with mobility challenges or health conditions.


Prioritize your pets’ comfort and well-being with the BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet, a versatile and safe heating solution designed to keep your furry friends cozy and warm. Featuring customizable temperature and timer settings, fast heating capabilities, and a chew-resistant cord, this heating pad offers convenience and peace of mind for pet owners. Upgrade to the BN-LINK heater controller today to provide your pets with a comfortable and nurturing environment they deserve.

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