How to Create a Superior Medical Device Design Analysis of the Power Supply

Meet certification requirements EN60601

Taking the LOF series as an example, this product has a 5-year warranty, and its safety specification meets the IEC / EN / ES 60601 Standard; the leakage current is less than 0.1mA, making it suitable for BF-type medical devices, and the isolation safety distance (creepage and clearance) meet the medical standard.

Outstanding EMC design

The design restrictions for medical power supply needs of ultra-low leakage current, high safety distance, high-voltage stage resist, miniaturized habilitation, and high power density are mutually exclusive. However, most products on the market only fulfill the CLASS A standard for electromagnetic interference (EMI), which dramatically increases the danger of interference from power supply items to other functional circuit modules inside the medical device.

Class B is met by the LOF series’ conducted emission and radiated emission.

  1. The input EMI filter module, the PFC module, and the main power module are centralized and effectively separated by a radiator (grounding), minimizing EMI interference, decreasing some EMC components, and optimizing space.
  2. The input terminal is built with a flat line common mode inductor, completely automated winding without overlap, a tiny capacitance between turns, and a balanced impedance. The EMI performance of these inductors is far superior to that of conventional magnetic ring common mode inductors, and they have a compact and attractive design.
  3. It is constructed with PFC and readily fulfills IEC/EN61000-3-2 CLASS A and CLASS D requirements. The electrostatic criteria conform to the most recent 8kV/15kV standard.

The waveform of the transmitted radiation is, given an adequate margin:

When designing a quality product, the process of improving production efficiency and reducing process complexity will be considered in advance, which can not only reduce labor costs but also significantly improve production efficiency and product quality, thereby reducing the need for subsequent medical device debugging.

With its revolutionary design, the Mornsun LOF series carefully monitors product quality from the smallest of details:

1 Our transformer has an open-frame design, no flying wire, and a common-mode inductor with the base design, therefore decreasing the complexity of manufacturing and enhancing production efficiency.

2 The classic compact design causes the transformer and diode adjacent to heat the electrolytic capacitor. The thin and long capacitor we choose can avoid the heat source and effectively resolve this issue.


The specific application environment of medical equipment impacts its preciseness. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate safety standards and EMC performance when choosing medical enclosed power supplies and the compatibility between structure and EMC throughout the design phase, as well as product dependability, supply stability, cost, and technical assistance, among other aspects.

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