From Ovens to Fridges: Cleaning Appliances for End of Tenancy

The end of your tenancy approaches. You’re making plans on how to relocate to a new abode. This also means it’s time to ensure the return of your security deposit.

Alas, this also entails paying special heed to thoroughly cleaning the appliances in your rental. Only that will ensure your landlord will be happy with the results and not withhold your money for himself.

In this piece, we’ll discuss how properly cleaning the appliances in your rental can ensure a smooth move-out process.

Oven Cleaning

The trusty oven has been your ally in countless culinary escapades. As you bid it adieu, a final, eco-friendly cleanse is in order. The remedy is a paste crafted from humble yet potent ingredients: baking soda and vinegar. Daub this mixture onto the oven’s inner walls, paying special attention to stubborn spots.

Remember to remove the oven racks for a separate scrubbing session. Give the oven glass doors a meticulous once-over, ensuring that no remnants of the baking soda paste remain.

A spick-and-span oven often tops the list of a landlord’s post-departure checks, making it a non-negotiable element in your quest for deposit retrieval. Ensure you don’t skip this step, and you’ll receive your money in full.

Refrigerator Cleaning

The refrigerator—silent and stalwart in the heart of the kitchen—demands your attention as well. To achieve an eco-friendly interior cleanse, concoct a solution by combining equal parts water and white vinegar.

Open the fridge and remove every single rack. Clean them separately and wash the inside of the appliance as well. Once dry, place everything back inside the refrigerator the way it was.

Thaw the freezer before embarking on your cleaning mission. Pay heed to the rubber seals and deodorise your appliance with a sprinkle of baking soda. This exercise isn’t just about aesthetics but mainly about preventing mould growth and unpleasant odours. That will demonstrate commitment and will thoroughly impress your landlord.

Dishwasher Cleaning

The dishwasher often plays a minor but important role. However, be sure your landlord will check its state too. To maintain this humble yet essential appliance, run an empty cycle with a cup of white vinegar placed on the top rack.

Ensure you extend your attention to the dishwasher’s filter and wipe down the edges and seals. This endeavour isn’t just about hygiene; it’s about upholding the appliance’s functionality, a detail that can easily escape notice but carries significance for your landlord.

Washing Machine Cleaning

For your trusty washing machine, a regimen akin to self-care is essential. Initiate the process by executing a hot cycle infused with two cups of white vinegar. Post-cycle, focus on the detergent drawer and rubber seal, areas often susceptible to grime accumulation. The final touch? Leave the washing machine door ajar to allow for proper ventilation.

This exercise isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about battling mould and detergent residue, a crucial component of any laundry area’s well-being.

Dryer Cleaning

The dryer—efficient in its obscurity—demands an appreciation of its own. To achieve a spotless dryer, initiate the operation by clearing the lint trap. Subsequently, use a vinegar-water solution to cleanse the interior.

Take a moment to inspect the exhaust hose and exterior vents for any lint buildup. This meticulous process isn’t just about appearances; it’s about safety and efficiency, aspects that resonate deeply with landlords as they assess your tenure.

Microwave Cleaning

The microwave, a haven for splatters and spills, beckons for your attention. For an eco-friendly cleanse, deploy an ingenious method. Start by placing a bowl filled with water and lemon juice inside the microwave, then heat it.

Subsequently, wipe down the interior surfaces, placing particular emphasis on the ceiling, where splatters are wont to congregate. A pristine microwave isn’t merely about hygiene; it signifies your dedication to overall kitchen cleanliness.

Toaster and Small Appliances

The smaller denizens of your culinary arsenal, like the toaster, deserve their share of the spotlight. Commence this affair by unplugging these devices and giving them a vigorous shake to dislodge crumbs.

Subsequently, treat their exteriors to a gentle vinegar-water bath.

For toasters, delve deeper into the task by meticulously cleansing the crumb trays and outer surfaces. In this attention to detail, landlords discern a commitment to cleanliness, an attribute that contributes to the overall neatness of the kitchen.

Most Common Appliance Cleaning Mistakes

In your pursuit of appliance cleanliness, steer clear of the pitfalls that await the uninitiated.

Forgo the use of harsh chemicals. They can wreak havoc on sensitive appliance surfaces. Never neglect the smaller components, such as filters and seals either. Their upkeep is pivotal to an appliance’s longevity and getting back your security deposit.

Beware of potential water damage, a calamity that can befall the unwitting cleaner. Opt for eco-friendly methods to avoid this pitfall. They are gentle yet effective in preserving both appliances and the environment.

Benefits of Using End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

The DIY end of tenancy cleaning approach is commendable. However, there exists an alternative path. Using licensed tenancy cleaners promises convenience, efficiency, and, ultimately, peace of mind.

The experts are well-versed in the intricacies of appliance maintenance. That ensures no nook or cranny escapes their vigilant attention. Your landlord will thus have fewer excuses to keep your security deposit for themselves.

Expert cleaners also arrive armed with an arsenal of eco-friendly cleaning products. That spares you the hassle of procurement. More importantly, their expertise can translate into the timely retrieval of your security deposit, a testament to their efficacy and thoroughness.


In conclusion, having clean appliances gets you one step closer to your security deposit. Do not neglect this step to ensure your landlord will return your money in full.

After all, landlords appreciate well-maintained appliances. It’s their duty to ensure you leave the rental in good condition. Adopting an eco-friendly approach not only economises but also underscores your commitment to the environment.

So, roll up your sleeves, gather your eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and leave your rented space in pristine condition. Your wallet—and Mother Nature—will assuredly extend their gratitude.

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