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Efficient Water Control Made Easy with Bedford Electric’s Inverter for Water Pump

Bedford Electric, a renowned electrical equipment manufacturer, proudly presents its innovative W713 Series – an intelligent inverter for water pump designed specifically for water pumps. This remarkable inverter for water pump also doubles as a controller for the constant pressure difference control of central air conditioning water circulation systems. With its IP54 rating, the W713 Series is built to withstand diverse environments while maintaining efficient functionality.

Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump Controller

The W713 Series provides constant temperature and pressure control with the utmost precision. Its intuitive interface allows users to set pressure directly, ensuring optimal water supply according to specific requirements. The controller offers various functional modes to meet various needs, including constant voltage, constant voltage difference, constant temperature, and constant temperature difference.

Multiple Protection Functions and Linkage

Bedford Electric’s inverter for water pumps ensures safe operation with multiple protection functions. These functions encompass anti-frost, anti-clogging, and a range of fault alarm features such as high or low water pressure, low water level, and sensor open circuit detection. The inverter supports synchronous, master-slave, and large and small pump linkage methods to enhance efficiency. It also facilitates one-for-use and one-for-backup configurations, providing uninterrupted water supply even in sensor failure scenarios.


Embracing advanced technology and extensive power coverage, Bedford Electric’s inverter for water pumps is ideal for various industries, including manufacturing, public places, agriculture, and residential water applications. With its intelligent control, precise pressure settings, multiple protection functions, and flexible linkage options, the W713 Series offers an efficient and reliable solution for optimizing water supply systems. Experience the benefits of this cutting-edge technology and enhance your water pump control capabilities with Bedford Electric’s inverter for water pump solutions.

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