Camlock Valves: An Essential Part of Agriculture

Camlock valves are an important part of agriculture, primarily used to control the flow of liquids in tanks. They are a critical part of the agricultural supply chain, providing a means of delivering fuel to farm vehicles, irrigation systems and more. Break down what cam lock valves do, how they differ from other valves, and why they’re important in this blog post!

What is a Camlock valve?

The Camlock valve is a quick connect/disconnect valve used in a variety of industries. Most commonly, Camlock valves are used in agricultural applications such as irrigation, water transfer and chemical transfer. Camlock valves are also used in the food and beverage industry, manufacturing and many other industries where quick connect/disconnect valves are required..

Types of Camlock Valves

The Camlock valve is a quick connect valve widely used in the agricultural sector. There are a variety of cam lock valve types to choose from, each with its own unique benefits. The most common types of cam lock valves include:

-Ball Valve: Ball valves are simple in design and easy to operate, making them one of the most popular types of cam lock valves. Ball valves have a ball attached to a handle that is used to open and close the valve. When the ball is in the open position, fluid can flow through the valve; when the ball is in the closed position, fluid flow is blocked.

– Sealed Diaphragm Valve: Sealed Diaphragm Valve is another popular type of cam lock valve. These valves have a flexible diaphragm that seals off the flow of fluid when the valve is in the closed position. When the valve is open, fluid can flow through the holes in the diaphragm..

These valves are used in a variety of applications, from irrigation to transferring liquid from one container to another. In short, they are an essential part of farming. If you need camlock valves in bulk for your articulture, you can contact Union Metal.

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