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The El Clasico match has become very familiar and causes intense emotions in the hearts of football fans. However, you do understand What is El Clasico? as well as the meaning and characteristics of this match? Let’s explore with OKVIP.VEGAR in the following article to learn more.

Explain the concept El What is Clasico?

El Clasico is a term to describe the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. These are the major Spanish football teams with worldwide coverage. Considered one of the most exciting and worth-watching football matches in football history.

El Clasico is not just an ordinary match, but also a symbol of fierce competition and burning affection between the two teams. This match has a special atmosphere, opening up dramatic matches, stimulating both competitors and viewers.

History of the formation of El Clasico

The story of El Clasico originates from the history of Spain. To better understand this name, you need to understand the following two main ideas:

Ancient history of Spain – What is El clasico

The most anticipated match between two major Spanish teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid. El Clasico is not only a competition between two top football teams but also a confrontation between two cultural and lifestyle regions. The tensions and history of this match do not stop at the sporting level but also extend into the history, culture and politics of Spain.

When mentioned What is El Clasico?, one cannot help but mention the Spanish civil war, when Barcelona became a symbol of Catalunya’s freedom and independence, while Real Madrid was considered a symbol of Western unity and power. Spain. This confrontation is also connected to historical figures who left their mark, such as Josep Sunyol, who was killed by Franco’s army, increasing tension between the two teams.

The meaning behind football matches

El Clasico not only attracts Spanish football lovers but also attracts the world. This is not just a football match but the whole world stopped to witness. People not only watch football but also experience the culture, language and differences in football philosophy. That is the reason why El Clasico is always attractive to everyone who loves this sport around the world.

Great battles and unforgettable memories at El Clasico

Every year, great matches between the two teams Barcelona vs Real Madrid often take place. However, the most unforgettable impressions are the ones below.

El Clasico opening match – What is El Clasico

On May 13, 1902, history recorded a classic friendly match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. This is the opening of a fierce competition between the two top clubs.

Scoring achievements

El Clasico is a catwalk honoring outstanding stars and countless memorable moments. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two players who hold scoring records in El Clasico matches, bringing fans exciting and dramatic matches.


The match caused a lot of controversy and drama

El Clasico is also the place that creates the most exciting and dramatic matches in Spanish football history, from fierce fighting moments, penalty cards to each dramatic referee’s decision. Matches like that get fans talking and increasing their interest.

What is El Clasico? This is an event not to be missed every Spanish football season, bringing classic matches, full of emotion and enthusiasm from fans. El Clasico is not only a football match, El Clasico is a testament to the history and development of the king sport.

The era of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

The fierce El Clasico confrontation between two Spanish football giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid, always attracts the attention of global fans. For more than a decade, this match has not only been a battle between two teams, but also a place for the two brightest stars of world football, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, to show off their talent and strength. Me.

The clear impressions of both Ronaldo and Messi were left in El Clasico matches. They have turned these confrontations into top competitions, captivating millions of football fans. And every time El Clasico takes place, the big question is not who will win, but who will shine – Messi or Ronaldo?


Above is the explanation What is El Clasico?which is so expected by world sports fans. Currently, OKVIP owns the exclusive rights to these matches to help players have attractive bets.

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