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Near Field Antenna Measurement and Characteristics

Exploring Effective Solutions for Antenna Measurement, OTA Testing, and Wireless Connectivity Tests in the Telecom, Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense Sectors

SUNYIELD Technologies: Innovating Turnkey Antenna Measurement Solutions

SUNYIELD specialises in the innovation of turnkey antenna measurement solutions. Explore the latest industry information and company news about effective solutions for antenna measurement, OTA testing, and wireless connectivity tests for the Telecom, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense sectors.

In the realm of antenna testing, SUNYIELD Technologies has established itself as a leader, providing high-performance solutions that cater to the diverse measurement needs of various industries. With their expertise in near-field multi-probe antenna measurement technology since its establishment in 2011.

SUNYIELD Technologies presents the innovative SCR-5000 cylindrical near-field antenna measurement system designed to revolutionize how antennas are tested. This advanced system offers accurate measurements with improved efficiency.

The Importance of Near Field Antenna Measurement

Near field antenna measurement plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance and reliability of antennas across different applications. By measuring an antenna’s characteristics at close proximity during its operation or simulation stage allows engineers to identify any potential issues or design flaws early on.

This type of testing provides valuable insights into key parameters such as radiation patterns, gain values, impedance matching capabilities,and polarization properties. It enables engineers to fine-tune designs for better performance while reducing development time and costs.

The Process of Near Field Antenna Measurement

During near field antenna measurements,the test setup typically involves placing an electromagnetic probe very close to the device under test (DUT). The probe captures signals emitted by or received by the DUT at different points within its near-field region.

These captured signals are then processed to obtain valuable information about the antenna’s characteristics. Advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques are employed to reconstruct the far-field radiation pattern of the antenna from the near-field measurements.

Near field antenna measurement systems, like SUNYIELD Technologies’ SCR-5000, offer precise and reliable results by utilizing multiple probes for simultaneous data acquisition. This allows for faster testing without compromising accuracy.

The Benefits of Near Field Antenna Measurement

Near field antenna measurement offers several benefits over traditional far-field measurements:

  • Accurate characterization of antennas in a controlled environment
  • Early detection of design flaws or performance issues
  • Faster development cycles through iterative design improvements
  • Cost-effective solution compared to extensive field testing
  • Precise evaluation of complex antenna structures and arrays

In Conclusion: Harnessing Near Field Antenna Measurement Technology

Near field antenna measurement technology has revolutionized how antennas are tested and evaluated. With companies like SUNYIELD Technologies leading the way in innovative solutions, engineers can now achieve accurate measurements, optimize designs, and ensure optimal performance across various industries.

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