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Introducing Hermetix: The Solution for Hermetically Sealed Electronic Packages

Are you in search of reliable and high-performance hermetically sealed electronic packages? Look no further than Hermetix, the leading metal packaging manufacturer in Shanghai. With nearly 25 years of experience in the industry, Hermetix are committed to meeting all your microelectronic packaging needs.

Cost-effectiveness and Diverse Product Range

One of the key advantages of choosing Hermetix is our cost-effectiveness. As a renowned metal packaging manufacturer, we have cultivated strong partnerships with top domestic manufacturers. This allows us to select the ideal manufacturer for your project, ensuring competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our responsive and personalized service further enhances the overall experience, tailoring microelectronic packaging solutions to your specific needs.

Hermetix offers a wide range of products, including MIL-compliant series, optoelectronic packaging, ceramic packages, glass to metal hermetic seals, and more. With such diverse options, you can easily find the perfect product to suit your requirements. If you need guidance in selecting the right package, our experienced engineers will gladly advise you on materials, features, and cost-effectiveness.

When you choose Hermetix, you benefit from our eight core advantages. We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing hermetic packages, supported by two independent engineering teams dedicated to resolving any packaging issues you may encounter. Our strategic partnerships with top manufacturers provide you with access to an extensive catalog of open-tooling products and ensure competitive prices. Using industry-leading testing equipment, such as COXEM scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and Vötschtechnik test chambers, we guarantee the highest quality standards. Moreover, our industry partnerships enable us to seamlessly handle projects of any scale, from short runs to mass-scale production.

High Quality Assurance

At Hermetix, quality assurance is paramount. Our dedicated in-house team follows a rigorous 7-step methodology to ensure that each product conforms precisely to your requirements. Additionally, our team of engineers has received national recognition for their work on 38 patented projects, including the gold-tin lid series, widely used in various applications such as hybrid integrated circuits, semiconductor integrated circuits, filter devices, microwave devices, high-power devices, connectors, and sensors.

Specialized Services

Hermetix understand the importance of quality and precision when it comes to hermetic seal packages. Our team of in-house engineers, backed by decades of industry partnerships, is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. With our extensive knowledge of each production stage and inspection standard, you can trust that every microelectronic packaging from Hermetix meets the stringent requirements of the hermetic packaging market.


Make the smart choice for your hermetically sealed electronic packages. Choose Hermetix, where quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction converge. Contact us today and let us help you embark on your next microelectronic packaging journey.

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